Everyone in life has reached that point where they just look around and think WTF! You question your decisions and reflect on every action up to that point. How we respond to these moments of insecurity and self doubt are what shapes us as individuals.


For me this came soon after I graduated college. I went into business, opening a restaurant foregoing future educational endeavors and other opportunities. I was 21, eager, hard working and in my eyes could not be stopped. I was invincible. The gentlemen I went into business with had filled my head with grand plans, and I ate every little bit of it up! I was such an idiot!


The business opened, and it was going great until I was legitimately told thank you but no thank you. After making a handshake deal that I would be a 40% owner with this gentleman, this role model of mine pretty much told me to get lost when he realized we were going to be successful!


So I was 22 now, back at my parents sitting there by myself while parents were at work and my brother was at school, contemplating everything. I felt worthless, lost, this is the closest I have ever been to a truly depressed state. So this is that point sitting there eating like an asshole feeling bad for myself that something happened. My buddy who originally got me started in CrossFit (I took a while off starting the business) called me, we talked for a while and thought it was a good idea for me to go back to the gym.


I’m not going to lie; I didn’t want to talk to anyone nor did I have any motivation for physical actives. I did CrossFit for about 6 months. I liked it a lot but for me, at first, it was just working out. I did it while in school and thought it was fun but did not really see the value in it.


I remember my first workout back and it felt like the first time all over again, I was intimidated and a little uncomfortable. As I finished the workout I laid there on the ground wondering if I was going to die or not (I know everyone has had this feeling at least once) and people started coming over to me with nice jobs and high fives. No one cared about my outside life, everyone just came in worked hard and was happy to see other people crush a workout. I stayed there for about an hour talking to my friends and coach who I had not seen in awhile. This was the first time I was happy in months!


From that point on I knew CrossFit would have a special place in my life and have not looked back since! Everyone starts CrossFit for a different reason, but continue coming back for the same ones. With a strong community of friends and goal driven individuals. This is fun, it builds confidence, and we leave everyday knowing we can crush anything life throws at us!