Saturday Jan 28th
Same gender Partner Comp (rx and scaled)
Volunteers Needed*** See sign up sheet in class
Sat 1/21/17 @ 8am
Discussion series: Mobility w/ nate and erica

CrossFit Crag – CrossFit


Lax Ball: Pec and Traps

Foam roll: glutes

Band Work: 3 x 10 each way (T, Y, and W)

Bench Press (Heavy 3 for day )

Drop to 85%

And do 3×3

Single Arm Bent Over Row (4 x 8 each side )

Super set with bench press

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

6 min Amrap

150 m row 12/10 cals bike

6 burpees

Rest 2 mins

6 min Amrap

10 push ups

15 ab mat sit ups

20 air squats

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