Starting any new endeavor in our lives can be somewhat daunting, whether it be a new career, a relationship, or a new fitness journey. So the question is how do we ensure success in these ventures?


The Link above is a study showing the importance of having clearly defined written goals and how it leads to our success in the future. Some of what I am about to say might seem like corporate world stuff that some of you might of heard dozens of times butt set clear, SMART goals can truly change the way we make all our decisions.


Firstly…..What defines a good goal and what is a bad goal?



S- Specific: Who, What, Where, And Why?

M- Measurable: Can you track progress and Measure the Outcome?

A- Attainable: Is the goal reasonable enough to be accomplished?

R- Relevant: Is the goal worthwhile to meet your personal needs?

T- Timely: Include a timeline.


For a goal to be something that will help us and not hurt us it must consist of all of the above criteria. If we lack in one area it lessens our chances of actually attaining our goal. If we are extremely detailed and realistic when setting our goals it greatly increases our likelihood of success! One of the biggest deterrents in people setting goals is the fear of failure, by creating a SMART goal it greatly reduces chances of this failure.


So what’s next? We set awesome goals what do we do with them? We need to gameplan our lives in order to reach these goals. So each decision we make should be in light of these goals we have established: will this action hurt or help me reach my goal? If every time we are faced with a decision we look to our set goals it should clearly outline what the best course is.


If it is a gym goal ask your coach, if it is a career goal ask a mentor or a senior figure in the workplace,. If its life make these goals with a loved one! There are people around you to help you achieve everything so use all the resources at your disposal and conquer every SMART goal you have set!


Look to our new goals bored and write down your goal for the rest of year, make sure you SMART   tested it on your own. I will do my best to help you all achieve your goals to the best of my ability!