10 trap bar deadlifts or KB deadlifts
Right into 100 ft farmers carry
20 shrugs with KB or trap bar

Complex- able to unbroken through all 3 movements
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
12 min Amrap
You go I go format (switch off after full rounds)

10/7 cal bike
8 trap deadlifts or KB deadlifts
10 DB push press

Rest 4 mins into

12 min Amrap

40 cal bike
30 trap bar deadlift or KB Deadlift
25ft Hand stand walk or 5 wall walks each

– break up however you want 1 person working at a time for deadlift and bike. HSW/wall walk can be done at same time
– May change deadlift weight between Amraps

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