– Bring A friend Week 9/30-10/5- 2019 Crossfit Open and Intramural open! Begins Oct 10th sign up at Halloween In house Comp Sat 10/26- teams of 3 mixed genders – Any Skill level is welcome- Spartan Fenway – Some of us are planning on running it Sunday 11/10 morning and putting a team together (Crag)- Crags-Giving Thursday 11/14

Back Squat (Build to a heavy 5 for day in 12 mins )
Use all 12 mins
Bench Press (Build to heavy set of 5 in 10 mins )
Clint (AMRAP – Reps)
18 min Amrap
300m run or 400m row
Max reps bench press – (155/85)
Min set is 5 if get less than 5 drop the weight

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