Warm up
EMOM x 6 mins
3 push ups + pass through
5 sit ups
7 air squats

Stretch out overhead
Couch stretch
Spider-Man + hip rise

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Every 3:00 mins
2 rounds
8 overhead squats
8 toes to bar/sit ups

Rest remaining time in 3 mins

Next 3 mins add 1-3 squats
Add 2 toes to bar or sit ups

When can’t finish round you are done

Min workout time 15-18 mins or 6 rounds

If you barely finish adjust numbers to try and finish

Max workout time 24 mins or 8 rounds

Overhead squat:
Make harder by making hang squat snatch (go up by 1)

Easier make front squat variation

Toes to bar
Straight leg sit up

Go up 1-3 squats
Go up 2 toes to bar or sit ups

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