– In house Olympic WL Meet Saturday April 11 9 am

Shoulder Press (x 5 )

Min 1: Pressing variation
Min 2 : Bicep Curl variation


Barbell: Strict Press x 5 or Push Jerk x 5

KB/DB: Kneeling or sitting pos
SA x 6-8 each side

BW: Plyo Push up (push up then walk two steps on hands one way then on next rep go back
x 8

Bicep curl
Use any odd object or weight and d0 10 curls (both arms at once)

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
10 min Amrap
8 single Arm Devil Presses (4 each side)
40 double unders or 80 single unders
200 m run or row – may modify to 6 flights of stairs

Rest 2 mins

10 min Amrap

repeat and pick up where you left off


SA Devil press
if want to use barbell perfrom a bar facing burpee then a barbell muscle snatch

KB still use SA
perfrom Burpee then perrfom KB hang snatch

Odd Object
burpee then odd object ground to overhead

No Jump rope
perform 40 lateral hope over an odd object

Cant run or row:

perform 60 mountain climbers

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