– In house Olympic WL Meet Saturday April 11 9 am

Back Squat (4-4-4-4-4-4)
A. If you have no rack you may front squat or oh squat from ground ( clean or snatch complex 1+3)

B. If you only have dumbell or KB Bulgarian split squat 10 on each side x 6 sets

C. BW option

Work on pistols squats or single leg squats to a low box

6 x 10’eaxh side

Super set**
W/ 20 calf raises on each side
Single leg one at a time

Metcon (Time)
Death By burpees
Each completed min add another burpee
Start at 1 and add one each min

Rest 5 mins

30 clean and jerks for time


60 odd object (DB/kB) ground to overhead

For time

Rest 5 mins

30’weighted flights of stairs


100 weighted step ups

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